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Promoting real musical talent

The Elite record label takes on only what it considers to be quality recording

artists offering music of a high enough musical calibre and recording

standard to be released onto the global digital music market.

We’d like to think we can make a difference to the music industry, even if it’s only in a relatively small way. Our selection process for new artists is very stringent in that we try to judge a song on it’s merits, rather than commercial potential alone, although sellability is obviously an important factor. That old adage about record labels rejecting songs after listening only to the first few seconds tends to be true in our case. Our catalogue is building all the time, so keep on visiting our site for new releases, promotional videos and features on our artists.
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Quality Music Releases Featured  Release
Carlos Kaehler - Carlos Kaehler Live Album
Elite Record Label Recordings Featured  Promo Video
Carlos Kaehler Live Album
Track 1. The Chain Is Sold (5:54)
“Wonderful live recordings, with no overdubs. Carlos Kaehler and his band are real masters of musicianship.” - Lee, Elite Recordings.
Featured  Release
The Secret Pianist - Soul Takers EP
Track 1. Soul Takers (4:10)
“Beautifully constructed melodies, lovingly produced and played with emotion, passion and subtlety.” - Lee, Elite Recordings.
Latest  Promo Video
The Secret Pianist - Soul Takers EP
“Raven”, which is featured at the end of the promo video, is not on the EP. To download the track as a 160kbps mp3, right click on the following link and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”: raven.mp3  
Raven (5:53) Planned for future release

Digital Music Buying Guide

iTunes 79p/$1.00 per track - mp3 (256kbps) Spotify $9.99 per month premium or 3 month trial for 99¢ (new customers) Amazon 69p/89¢ per track - mp3 (256kbps) Google Play 99p per track - mp3 (320kbps) USA info not available here in the UK Rhapsody (Napster) Unradio (up to 25 songs): $4.99 per month (14 day free trial) Premier (unlimited): $9.99 per month (30 day free trial)  mp3 (128, 160 & 192kbps) 7Digital 89p/$1.09 per track - mp3 (320kbps) or 99p/$1.29 per track - flac (16 bit) HMV Digital 89p per track - mp3 or aac (320kbps) USA info not available here in the UK Juno Download (Dance music) 83p per track - mp3 (190kbps) £1.16 per track - mp3 (320 kbps) £1.66 per track - wav, flac, alac & aiff USA info not available Prices and file specifications are subject to variation. For simplicity, we have given prices in pounds and dollars, but most of the music stores our distributors supply, distribute digital music to many countries worldwide. We aplogise for any inaccuracies, the information was correct to the best of our knowledge at the time it was published. Common audio file formats mp3: Compressed audio file, mp3 tracks or ringtones wav: WAVe PCM Sound, standard Windows sound format flac: Audio files encoded by Flac - Free lossless audio codec alac: Apple lossless audio codec file aiff: Audio interchange file format aac: Advanced audio coding file There are many audio file formats available, those listed are some of the most commonly used for listening to digital music.  Recent Youtube Release Carlos Kaehler - Trailer Video Watch it here…
This short video profiles the band and features tracks from the live album. 
Recent Promo Video Aaron Norton - I Don’t Wanna Know 3 Track EP
See great live performances and biographical information. 
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Promoting real talent and quality  Elite Acts Radio Click here to listen (when the station is on air) Featured  Release
Light On Dark - Mountains Rivers And The Sea
Track 1. Mountains Rivers And The Sea (3:14)
“A heartfelt anti-war song, done in that great time honoured tradition.” - Lee, Elite Recordings.
Featured  Release
Defect - House Of Cards EP
Track 1. House Of Cards (3:22)
“A great listen! The tracks are exciting and meaningful and the musicianship is high class.” - Lee, Elite Recordings.
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Latest  Release
Bande Rugueuse - Hash
Track 1. Hash (3:45)
“A superb rock track! Sophistication and simplicity in the rhythm. A rocking sound with a jazz flavour” - Lee, Elite Recordings.
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